Hash Alawi: Get To Know More About Ivana Alawi’s Older Brother

Here are a few details about Hash Alawi

Meet Hash Alawi the older brother of actress-vlogger Ivana Alawi and teen vlogger Mona Alawi.

Ivana has become one of the popular content creators on YouTube aside from her stints on TV. Her younger sister Mona also ventured into vlogging. Once in a while, they would feature their older brother Hash in their vlogs.

hash alawi
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Here are a few details about the Hash that many people might not know yet, based on the article from GMA Entertainment.

Hash Alawi knows how to speak the Arabic language and he studied in a British School in Bahrain. Just like Ivana, her brother also has an “artistahin” look. It is not quite a thing to wonder about if he gets many admirer.

However, Ivana revealed in one of her vlogs that her “kuya” is single. She also described him as “stick-to-one, good boy type”. To support his “good boy” tag, it was said that Hash does not smoke or drink liquor, as what his younger sister also revealed.


Ivana also shared that her brother entered into a serious relationship later than she did.  “Looks, brains, and personality,” Hash answered when asked about the qualities he is looking for girlfriend material.

“[I want someone] caring, someone I can communicate with pretty easily. Someone honest…someone who is reasonable. Someone who is understanding and fair,” he added.

Hash Alawi proclaimed that he is the favorite son of thier mother and the favorite brother of his sisters which is quite obvious. Aside from traveling with his family, Hash also plays a cool “kuya” for his younger sisters just like what he did in this photo, looking fierce with Ivana and Mona.


Just recently, Ivana Alawi shared in her vlog that she gave a piece of land to Hash Alawi as a gift and this made the latter so emotional.

What can you say about this?

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