Man Pretending as Inspector of Manila Bureau of Permits Arrested

Man Arrested After Pretending as Inspector of Manila Bureau of Permits

Police authorities arrested a man who allegedly pretended to be an inspector of the Bureau of Permits in Manila City hall.

After being located in Pasay City, members of the Special Mayor’s Reaction Team (SMaRT) detained the 64-year-old man who was allegedly impersonating an inspector for the Manila Bureau of Permits. The suspect is reportedly preying on business owners in Manila.

Bureau of Permits Inspector

Pursuant to the arrest warrant issued by Metropolitan Trial Court (MTC) Pairing Judge Paul A. Flor of Branch 19, the personnel of P/Maj. Edward Samonte, SMaRT chief, led by P/Maj. Emmark Dave Apostol and P/Lt. Edgar Julian, along with the Warrant and Intelligence personnel of Raxabago Police Station 1, arrested the suspect at his lodging house in Barangay 105 Zone 11 in Pasay around 6:30 in the morning.

Roda is dealing with three separate estafa cases, based on the report. In addition, he was charged in that court with two counts of “falsifying public papers” and “usurping power” after his victims complained about him.

In the report that Samonte forwarded to the Manila Police District (MPD) Director P/BGen and the office of Acting Mayor Yul Servo Nieto of Manila. On social media, Andre P. Dizon’s description as an “inspector” of the Manila Bureau of Permits who preyed on Binondo businesses while using a bogus ID bearing the name “Albert Torres” went viral.

According to Samonte’s investigation, the suspect has ongoing allegations of estafa/swindling and falsifying public records, which he allegedly commits regularly in order to obtain funds from some businesspeople in Manila. While awaiting the release of the judge’s “committal order,” the accused is being held at the SMaRT office in Manila City Hall.

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