Heart Evangelista Teeth Whitening Ad Slammed By Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist reacted to this post that was shared by Heart Evangelista

Fashion icon Heart Evangelista advertised a teeth-whitening pen but this was debunked by a dental hygienist.

Heart is one of the biggest stars of her generation. Aside from her showbiz engagements, she has become a prominent personality in the fashion world. Through various fashion events all over the world, the Pinay celebrity has established her name in the international fashion scene.

heart evangelista
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With her popularity, it is natural for her to have a lot of endorsements projects. With the advent of social media, influencers like Heart have an easier job in promoting certain products that they are endorsing.

One of the products that Heart Evangelista flexed on her Instagram page was a teeth-whitening pen. In a post, she said that she is using this pen to remove coffee stains after she drinks coffee.

However, registered dental hygienist Jerry, who is also a video creator slammed this claim. “Don’t. Fall. For. Scams. Celebrities, influencers, you name it…they’re trying to make a quick buck from things they don’t use and even worse, they advertise it like they do,” the caption of the post stated.

The dental expert showed the close-up image of Heart’s teeth and he said, “Ta-da! These are crowns.” He meant that those were real teeth. He stressed that you cannot whiten your crowns with whitening pens.

The dental hygienist also said that coffee stains would take a long time before they become visible. It does not appear on your teeth after you consume something dark. For him, this advertisement is a “total cap bs.”

Last July, the same video creator slammed an advertisement that Heart Evangelista did for the same teeth-whitening pen. “Oh social media…it never ceases to amaze me. Tons of scams and products that will never do what they’re claiming to do,” the dental hygienist wrote.

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