Sarah Lahbati Not Calling Annabelle Rama “Mommy”, Here’s Why

Why is Sarah Lahbati not calling her mother-in-law “mommy”?

SARAH LAHBATI – It’s been over two years since Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati got married but the latter is not calling her mother-in-law “mommy”.

To recall, Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez were among the first celebrity couple to hold a civil wedding amid a pandemic. They pushed their civil wedding and postponed the big wedding they have initially planned to hold. They got engaged in 2017.

The couple pushed through their wedding the same week the lockdown was imposed in Metro Manila. Their grand wedding was supposed to be held in a luxury hotel in Taguig City.

They have two kids together, Zion and Kai, and their family is one ideal group. People love their camping getaways and travel abroad.

But despite being together as a married couple for over two years now, Sarah revealed something. According to her, she doesn’t call her husband’s mother, her mother-in-law Annabelle Rama “mommy”.

She doesn’t address her by that name and remained to call her “Tita A” or “Tita Annabelle”.

Why is that so?

According to the actress, she got used to calling her that way and since she is the “Tita Annabelle” of the Philippines, she settled to calling her that. There are no issues or whatever regarding that matter.

She actually shared that her mother-in-law is the “spoiler” type of grandmother. She loves their two boys and she always gives whatever her two boys would ask from her.

Sarah further explained that Elvis Gutierrez’s wife also calls her by that name. She expressed based on a report, “Nakasanayan namin siyang Tita kasi siya ang Tita Annabelle ng Pilipinas.”


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