Vicki Belo “May Taning” Years Ago But This Helped Her Recover

This is the person that inspired Vicki Belo to live and continue to fight amid the cancer battle.

VICKI BELO – Beauty mogul Vicki Belo was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and was told that she has two years to live.

Celebrity physician Vicki Belo has one memorable battle win way back in 2016. In a previous article, she opened up about her stage 3 breast cancer. She did not mention anything about this in the past years but this year, she did and many were surprised.

The celebrity doctor has a very bubbly and colorful personality and that year when she was going through something, there was not a tiny detail that told she was actually facing something very rough.

She disappeared and stayed away from the spotlight for two years to seek treatment across the globe. In Europe, she was told to fix and arrange everything she needs to do because she would “die in two years’ time”.

In New York, she was also denied to have something to treat her condition and recalled, “So what are my chances?’ and they [the doctors] were very quiet. ’We’ll try our best.’”

While she was undergoing her chemo and radiation treatment, she faced other significant events in her life like her daughter Cristalle’s wedding, the passing of her 89-year-old mother, and the arrival of her daughter Scarlet Snow.

Scarlet is not carrying her father’s last name Kho. She is Belo which makes her the legit “baby Belo”. This one thing she really asked from her husband is to give Scarlet to her and let the baby carry her last name. And she was glad that her husband was very understanding of this request.

And Scarlet is the reason and the motivation she had to fully recover.

In the first episode of NET25’s Korina Interviews, she said, “The number one secret is Scarlet…. I wanna be with her. I don’t wanna leave her so young. I kept praying, ‘Lord, please give me time.’”

She wants to spend more time with her daughter and she doesn’t want to leave her at such a young age. She kept praying and her prayers were granted. She lived for more than two years and she is in great health.


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