Teacher Harassed, Killed Amid ‘World Teacher’s Day’ in Masbate

Suspect Harassed, Killed a Teacher in Masbate Amid ‘World Teacher’s Day’

Police arrested a man who allegedly molested and killed a teacher during the celebration of ‘World Teacher’s Day’ in Masbate.

In the town of Claveria, Masbate, a teacher sadly perished at the hands of the apartment complex’s management and caretaker. Jessabel Mangubat, 24, a private high school teacher at the Ramon Institute from Barangay Manapao in Claveria, Masbate, was named as the victim.

Masbate Teacher Killed

The culprit was identified as 30-year-old Sitio Bodega Barangay Pasig resident Alvin Yanzon. He was apprehended, according to the report, during the manhunt operation.

The victim’s body was discovered inside the rented residence in that location, according to the Claveria police station’s report. Lt. Col. Maria Luisa Calubaquib, a spokesman for the Police Regional Office in Bicol (PRO-5), said that one of the witnesses to the incident singled out the culprit.

According to the police investigation, the suspect entered the victim’s room by force after seizing the chance when the apartment’s owner departed. The culprit acknowledged hitting the girl in the head with a hard piece of wood after engaging in sexual harassment of her, which is what ultimately led to her demise.

After the crime, the suspect ran away but was quickly caught by the police after they pointed out where he was hiding. When he was captured, the t-shirt with blood-stain was still on him.

The report also stated that the suspect was robbed of the wood that was used to kill the victim. Charges are being prepared against the suspect, who is now being held at the Claveria Police Station.

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