Toni Gonzaga & Mariel Padilla React To Their Old Photos

Best friends Mariel Padilla and Toni Gonzaga look back at the story of their friendship.

TONI GONZAGA – Celebrity friends Mariel Padilla and Toni Gonzaga go down memory lane as they look back to the past years of their friendship.

For 18 years, Mariel Padilla and Toni Gonzaga have been side by side witnessing all of the events of each other’s life. They have literally grown up together and may it be a small or big event, they are always present for each other.

Toni Gonzaga and Mariel Padilla
Photo grabbed on YouTube

Pinoy Big Brother” was first aired in 2005 and they are among the original hosts of the program along with Willie Revillame. And through the years, their friendship stood the test of time. There were up and down moments but at the end of the day, they were still able to find each other in their lives, still friends and closer than before despite the many changes that have happened.

In the new vlog of Mariel, she sat down with Toni and they looked back to their friendship in the past years through old photos.

Toni Gonzaga and Mariel Padilla
Photo grabbed on YouTube

Mariel prepared several shots and in each photo, they vividly recalled the stories behind them. Each photo holds a story like their first trip together, the launching of the reality show, the random moments they shared behind the camera, their food crawls, and many more. They also made comments about the style they wore before and revealed one story about them wearing fake pieces of jewelry.

Once they wore fake but now, they can buy real ones. This only showed that even though much has changed, they remained friends.

There were also photos that made them recall the phase in their life where they had a conflict.

Toni Gonzaga and Mariel Padilla
Photo grabbed on YouTube

In 2010, their conflict was shared with the public but the reason has not been disclosed. It was alleged that Toni heard stories about Mariel badmouthing her but this story wasn’t confirmed.

Mariel swiped some more photos and some showed the moments they got pregnant at the same time. Now, their children are classmates in school.

Theirs is tried and tested friendship.

See their video here:


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