Julia Barretto Shares How Claudine Barretto Helped Her Showbiz Career

Julia Barretto looks back on how she started her showbiz career

Optimum Star Claudine Barretto was the one who opened the door of the entertainment industry to actress Julia Barretto.

Julia comes from a popular showbiz clan. The world of showbiz first opened its door to Gretchen Barretto when she became a “Regal Baby” in 1984. Then, Claudine became part of the hit 90s kiddie show Ang TV. Julia’s mom Marjorie also did several movies.

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In a recent interview by Philstar Life, Julia shared how her aunt Claudine brought her to the world of acting. The Optimum Star starred in the series Walang Kapalit with Piolo Pascual in 2007. Claudine’s character needed a younger version and she asked Julia if she wants to do the role.

It happened just so randomly because they were looking for somebody who could play the young her. Wala lang, my aunt at that time just thought maybe I would be interested to do it, and I happened to be curious of what it was going to be like so I said, ‘Yeah, okay, game.’ And then I fell in love with acting. Like, I really enjoyed it,” Julia Barretto shared.

Claudine showed Julia the ins and outs of the industry. Because of this, Julia highly respects her aunt. As Julia was exposed at a young age to the world of showbiz and continuously being in this field, she said that it was quite expected that she will pursue this career as well.

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“My Tita Claudine has really inspired me so much. I’m a big fan of her work and just the film she’s done in the past, and her versatility as an actress is also something I want to achieve growing up,” Julia said.

After her first teleserye, the Expensive Candy actress continues her acting career as part of Kokey and many more projects followed. With her successful acting career, Julia Barretto said that her mother would always remind her to be humble. Marjorie Barretto reminds her daughter to stay grounded and always give her best performance.

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