Spider Causes Accident of Motorcycle Driver, Backrider in Negros Occidental

Spider Brings Tickling Sensation to Motorcycle Driver Leading to Accident

SPIDER – The insect is allegedly the cause of the accident of a motorcycle driver and a backrider in Calatrava, Negros Occidental.

The roads are among the riskiest places on a daily places. Usually, the busy roads are filled with different vehicles running at high speeds unless there is a traffic which usually happens during rush hours. Every day, there are accidents in different areas across the nation and most of these incidents are vehicle collissions.

However, a vehicle collision is not the only risk on the road. There are also other instances that can trigger an accident thus drivers must really exert the extra effort to drive safely and be seven steps away to prevent accidents.

Unfortunately, there might really be instances that are unexpected and unimaginable to happen until they have taken place. Recently, a motorcycle accident took place in Negros Occidental and a spider was allegedly the reason behind the incident.

Spider Accident
Photo Credit: Pexels

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, Calatrava Police Traffic Investigator Staff Sergeant Junjun Flores said that a spider crawled in the leg of the motorcycle driver and brought him a tickling sensation which led to him losing the control as he drove the motorcycle on a curve road of Barangay Tigbon.

The driver was identified as Joel Marcelo, 28 years old. His backrider was Christina Paghubasan, 32 years old. The motorcycle fell on the ground following Marcelo losing control of the vehicle due to the tickling sensation.

Unfortunately, based on the report, the accident led to the death of Christina Paghubasan who hit her head on cemented ground. The motorcycle driver obtained several wounds in his body.

The police authorities remind the drivers to urgently stop the vehicle once they are feeling some discomfort while driving to prevent accident.

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