Woman Who Climbed Mountain in Cebu To Pray Before taking LET Found Dead

Woman Goes Missing, Found Dead after Climbing Mountain to Pray

WOMAN – A 47-year-old who is supposedly a LET taker was found dead after climbing a mountain in Danao City, Cebu to pray.

Several professions in the Philippines require the graduates of their courses to pass the board exam so they will be licensed professionals in their field. There are a lot of companies and institutions who prefer to hire licensed professionals.

The graduates of education course are among those that must take a board exam called the Licensure Examination for Teachers or more commonly called LET to obtain a license in teaching. Previously, LET takers who have not passed the board exam after three attempts are required to take a refresher.

Truth be told that there are many beliefs practiced by some LET takers prior to the examination day. Amid the many beliefs, it is prayer that most of these nervous LET examinees hold unto.

Woman Found Dead by Cebu NDRRMO
Photo lifted from ABS-CBN News; Main Photo Source: Danao CDRRMO

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, in the case of a 47-year-old woman in Cebu who was about to take the LET, she went up the mountain in Danao City to pray. However, the victim identified as Maria Sofia Olaguir went missing and she was found dead by the rescue team.

According Danao City Philippine National Police (PNP) Police Chief Master Sergeant Reynante Manulat, it was last September 30 when Olaguir climbed Mt. Manghilao. The woman intended to pray at Holy Cross which is believed to be miraculous. However, she was not able to go home which made her family worry about her.

Based on the report, the police authorities confirmed that Olaguir was able to reach the top of the mountain and she went down alone amid the rain and the slippery path. Manulat said that they are looking into two angles – the victim possible slipped or she was really killed.

Olaguir have wounds in her face but she is wearing a complete set of clothes. However, the cellphone she brought with her is missing. The police authorities currently await the result of the autopsy to determine the victim’s cause of death. More updates may be posted soon.

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