Ka Tunying Businesses to be Boycott after Tirade vs Kakampinks

Kakampinks Urges Public to Boycott Businesses of Anthony ‘Tunying’ Taberna

Netizens planned to boycott the businesses of veteran broadcast journalist Anthony ‘Tunying’ Taberna after his tirade against Kakampinks.

Following his outburst against followers of former vice president Leni Robredo or Kakampinks, the seasoned journalist begins trending on Twitter. Taberna criticized the Kakampinks boycott campaign and cancel culture directed at the e-commerce app Shopee.

Tunying Businesses Boycott

Following the company’s selection of Ultimate Multimedia Star Toni Gonzaga as an endorsement, the aforementioned internet users pressured other users to cancel or delete the app. Fury is sparked by the announcement of the e-commerce company among those who oppose President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. and his family.

The netizens, who Ka Tunying referred to as “Kakampinks” in his live video on his YouTube account on September 29, are alleged “walang kadala-dala,” also based on the title of the video. As many people are supposedly “nabubwiset,” Taberna also pleaded with them to end their cancel culture.

It appears that the Kakampinks were set off on Twitter and reacted to Taberna’s outbursts. They also demanded a boycott of the broadcast journalist’s bakeshop and restaurant.

” I have that kind of feeling the push backs against Gonzaga as the new endorser of Shopee and a call for a boycott is really gaining momentum at this point. Let’s do this and let’s make it happen. Isampal natin sa pagmumukha ni Ka Tunying ang galit ng 15M na bumoto KAY ATTY LENI,” a furious netizen said on Twitter.

“Mga kakampink boycott Tunying restaurant and all social media. Let us show are force.”

“IBOYCOTT ANG NEGOSYO NI TUNYING! Pakilista dito kung alin at saan. Tapos RT natin ng madaming beses at walang katapusan nang maramdaman ni Tunying ang epekto ng pambabalewala niya,” another netizen said.

On the other hand, several online users defended Tunying and said that his convictions had nothing to do with the boycott of his companies, which provide jobs for his staff. Regarding the cause of her trending on Twitter, Taberna has not yet provided a comment, reaction, or statement.

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