Barbie Imperial On AJ Raval: “Ako kaya ‘yung dyinowa!”

Teasing, Barbie Imperial exclaimed this in her new vlog when AJ Raval was mentioned.

BARBIE IMPERIAL – Kapamilya actress Barbie Imperial teasingly stated this in her new vlog regarding AJ Raval and their past issue.

To recall, a controversy once stirred online about Kapamilya actress Barbie Imperial and movie actress AJ Raval. The issue ignited following the intriguing posts of internet star Christian Gaza.

Barbie Imperial and AJ Raval

Involved in the issue is Diego Loyzaga, who, at the height of the issue, was Imperial’s boyfriend.

And now, months after the issue lay low and after the split of Loyzaga and Imperial, the issue was resurrected in the recent vlog of the latter. However, this time around, Barbie took the issue lightly.

According to her, Gaza was right before. She is now good friends with him and the same with Raval as well. In a previous article, Raval reached out to her and apologized.

And in the vlog, she reacted to the rude comments about her and upon the mention of the sultry movie actress, Barbie teasingly exclaimed something.

The comment says: ‘AJ Raval wins in Diego’s heart.’

But she doubted. This is what she said, “AJ Raval, wins in Diego’s heart? Talaga ba? Ako kaya ‘yung dyinowa, paano siya nanalo, ha, ha, ha? pero ako naman ‘yung iniwan, ha, ha, haha.”

She then added on a serious note that she and Raval are now on good terms. They were able to talk and privately, they were able to fix the conflict.

Watch her vlog below:

In the same vlog, Barbie denied that she is a mistress. She stressed that she is not a homewrecker and she was never one. She will also not do such a thing as being the cause for someone’s relationship to fall apart.


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