What Is A Linking Verb? Here’s Its Function & Examples

WHAT IS A LINKING VERB – Are you curious about the main function of this type of verb and what are the examples under it?

Verbs has several types under it. Meanwhile, although this part of speech has a lot of kinds, they are easy to distinguish as long as you know their main functions in a sentence.

LINKING VERB – What Is A “Linking Verb” & Its Examples

Guide on the Meaning of Linking Verb & Its Examples

LINKING VERB – Here is its meaning and as well as some examples of this type of verb.

English is one of the subjects with the widest scopes. It is taught since pre-school to elementary to high school and up to college. There are easy and as well as complicated topics.

The discussion of topics must be well-arranged so it would be easy for the learners to grasp it. That is why most simple topics are taught during pre-school and elementary years while the more complicated ones are in high school and college.

One of the simple topics that is a foundation in learning the more complicated topics is the verb. It is one of the eight (8) parts of speech. It is the word that denotes an action in the sentence. It has several types.

Linking Verb

Linking verb is one of the types of verbs. Its primary purpose is to re-identify or describe the subject in the sentence. It is often found before the action word in the sentence. The most common linking verbs are the is and are.

Examples of Linking Verbs Used in Sentences:

Is / Was

  • The teacher is going to give a test to the students tomorrow.
  • Marlon is not accepting the invitation to join the pageant.
  • Niña’s dog is dressed in Santa Claus costume for Christmas.
  • The doctor is checking on the critical patient every thirty minutes to monitor his condition closely.
  • The bottle was placed on top of the table.
  • The invitation card was printed late so most guests did not make it to the event.
  • The money was rejected by the prodigal son.

Are / Were

  • Neo, Trina, and Jake are coming to the party tonight.
  • The apples and pineapples are being prepared for the salad.
  • The farmer and his son are selling their land.
  • The airplanes are flying high on the sky.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Antonio were struggling when their son came to help.
  • The glasses were placed with the transparent ones in front and the colored ones at the back.
  • Duchess, Olive, Summer, Chloe, Autumn, and Muffin were given their bowl of food for dinner.

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