Solaire Food Court Menu and Prices

SOLAIRE FOOD COURT MENU – The 5-star hotel Solaire has a food court and these are the foods and sweets you can find there.

Manila’s Solaire Resort and Casino have everything you want. From comfortable rooms to amenities, they have it. And to complete the package and the whole experience, this place also serves as a shelter to a lot of restaurants and if you’re confused about where to go, there are definitely more choices to find in the food court!

Solaire Food Court – A Food Crawl In The Food Court Of Solaire

What are the gems you can find at Solaire Food Court? Check out below!

SOLAIRE FOOD COURT – Here are the menus of the various food places you can find at the food court of Solaire Resort and Casino.

The high-end Solaire Resort and Casino houses “A Fusion Of World Class Flavors”. From Signature Dining Restaurants and Casual Dining Restaurants to bars and Korean grills, this place has it.

Solaire Food Court

This 5-star hotel offers a complete experience. They have a number of restaurants with delectable meals and authentic dishes and one place to go if one gets undecided on what restaurant to try is the food court of Solaire.

These are the gems of the food court and the menus:

    On their menu, a guest has the choices to choose from classic caesar salad, fish and chips, Asian chicken salad, nachos, wings, pizzas, quesadillas, chicken dishes, different kinds of pasta, and sandwiches to munch on.
Americano Menu
    Guests will surely enjoy the much-loved native delicacies and other dishes such as fried fish, marinated bangus, tilapia, pancit canton, pancit meehon, pork adobo fried rice, and shrimp and pork fried rice.
Filipiniana Menu
    They offer classic Filipino dishes like pork sinigang, pork adobo, crispy belly roll, liempo, bulalo, kaldereta, and inasal na manok.
Sandok Menu
    Pan Asian has paratha, short-rib rendang, sambal prawns, Souther Indian fish curry, mee goreng, nasi goreng, and many others.
Pan Asian Menu
    This place will give guests a slice of Korea as they offer foods like bibim mandu, tteok bokki, don kat su, bibimbap, bulgogi, and ramyun.
Namsan Menu
    To conclude a meal, The Bakery is the best go-to place as they have all the sweets on their menu. They have different kinds of cakes, cupcakes, low-sugar cakes, bread loaves, and cookies. They also have a wide beverage selection like hot coffees, iced coffees, black teas, green teas, herbal infusions, energy drinks, chilled juices, and other refreshments.
The Bakery Menu
The Bakery Menu
The Bakery Menu
The Bakery Menu


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