JV Ejercito Exposes Chinese Using Dead People to Claim Gov’t ID

JV Ejercito Revealed Chinese Nationals Uses Dead People to Get Gov’t IDs

Senator JV Ejercito revealed that some Chinese nationals are using dead people just to claim government IDs in the country.

Ejercito disclosed that foreigners, mainly the Chinese, exploit the identities of dead persons to obtain government-issued identification cards in the Philippines at the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs’ hearing on the spate of kidnappings in the nation.

JV Ejercito Chinese

Ejercito emphasized that the illicit conduct is taking place even if it has not yet been confirmed. Ejercito encouraged the Philippine National Police (PNP) to step up operations to combat these criminals’ activities.

“PNP, please take note of that. We will confirm pero alam ko na nangyayari ‘to. Marami nang mga foreign nationals, in particular, mga mainland Chinese na pumasok dito, who are using identities of dead persons so that they can avail of rights and be considered as Filipino citizens,” said Ejercito.

The OIC deputy commissioner of the Bureau of Immigration (BI), Fortinato Manahan Jr., admitted that false or fake marriage certificates, birth certificates, and passports have been used to repatriate foreign nationals. Manahan informed the committee that cases and events had been stopped at airports and in the neighborhood.

In a previous resolution, Ejercito demanded that the Senate’s public order and dangerous drugs committee look into the disturbing cases of kidnapping, abduction, and disappearance, particularly of women, POGO employees, and certain Filipino-Chinese.

“Definitely, peace and order situation is the biggest factor in having a climate conducive for business to grow for us to be able to rebuild the economy after the pandemic. Kailangan po maganda ang peace and order situation. Ngayon pa lang tayo nakakabuwelo after the two years of lockdown in the pandemic,” said Ejercito.

“We have to verify the authenticity of these videos so that we can attack the problems already head on and not cause panic sa ating mamamayan at business sector,” he added.

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