Mona Alawi Admits She Refused to Hold a Fancy Debut

Mona Alawi Revealed She Refused Being Fancy for Her Debut

MONA ALAWI – The sister of vlogger and actress Ivana Alawi admitted that she refused to hold a fancy debut or birthday celebration.

The 19th of August marked Mona Alawi’s 18th birthday. On her birthday, Mona preferred a low-key gathering with just her family. She disclosed that her sister, who is an actress and earns much from her YouTube channel, offered to throw her a party, as seen in a vlog.

Mona Alawi Debut

She declined her sister’s offer, nevertheless. She claimed that if she spent the money on the extravagant party that her sister Ivana was prepared to throw for her, she would regret it.

“Nanghihinayang lang ako kasi you know, we could use the money to help other people and at the same time, I’m really really happy…” Mona explained.

“I have nothing against big parties, it’s nice pero ako kasi okay na ako sa tayo tayo lang kahit small party as long as we’re together,”  she added.

She also preferred to spend more money on assisting sick children than on throwing a lavish party. As a result, her sister Ivana granted Mona’s wish and the entire family visited The Vineyard in Batangas.

Mona’s family and friends joined her for a private pajama party to celebrate her 18th birthday. Mona prepared pajamas for each of them before they arrived at the resort with their mother Fatima, siblings Hash, Amira, and Mona.

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