Barbie Imperial React To Chie Filomeno’s Revealing Gown At Preview Ball

Here’s Barbie Imperial’s Comment on Chie Filomeno’s Daring Gwon During 2022 Preview Ball

BARBIE IMPERIAL – Actress Barbie Imperial teased Chie Filomeno about the daring gown she wore at the 2022 Preview Ball.

Netizens are still on a high from the recently concluded 2022 Preview Ball. Famous celebrities were spotted wearing the most creative and fashionable OOTDs and actress Chie Filomeno wore the most provocative gown of the evening.

Since Chie has always been a true-blue hubadera, and a very stylish one at that, the actress wore a seductive dress by Glademir Echavarre—a sheer black and red dress that displays just the appropriate amount of skin for Chie to feel “very much herself.”

Photo Source: @msbarbieimperial IG

Chie Filomeno’s hubadera style wasn’t only about exposing skin; it also sent a strong message about being more self-assured and “body-positive” after dealing with body shamers for years and finding it difficult to embrace her features. Chie acknowledges having grown to appreciate her body and exhorts everyone to follow suit.

Although her see-through outfit received lots of praise, there were some netizens who bashed her daring gown. One of the bashers told Chie that people will look down on her for the way she dresses.

Another netizen said that she seemed to be on her way to a swimming trip. Another basher said that just because a person has a great physique, it does not automatically entitle her to wear s*xy clothing.

Instead of getting angry, the actress responded to them by joking and teasing them.

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Photo Source: Preview

Recently, actress Barbie Imperial took the time to tease her friend Chie Filomeno and told her that she could not be able to ride a motorcycle. “Di mo kaya sakyan yung motor,” Barbie wrote.

Chie immediately responded to her comment. She said, “Di ka syuuur.” Chie then said that she will “angkas.”

Barbie then tagged @angkasph and said, “baka naman.”

Photo Source: @chiefilomeno IG

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