Lyca Gairanod “Jowa Reveal” During 18th Birthday Elicits Reactions

Lyca Gairanod Goes Viral Over “Jowa Reveal” During Her 18th Birthday Young singer Lyca Gairanod elicited reactions on social media due to her “jowa reveal” during her 18th birthday. Following her announcement at her debut party, The Voice Kids champion buzzed online. The young singer made her non-showbiz boyfriend public in the vlog of Cagayan-based … Read more

Mona Alawi Admits She Refused to Hold a Fancy Debut

Mona Alawi Revealed She Refused Being Fancy for Her Debut MONA ALAWI – The sister of vlogger and actress Ivana Alawi admitted that she refused to hold a fancy debut or birthday celebration. The 19th of August marked Mona Alawi’s 18th birthday. On her birthday, Mona preferred a low-key gathering with just her family. She … Read more