DOH Programs in the Philippines: Full List of the Department of Health Offers

Guide on DOH Programs in the Philippines for the Public’s Benefits

DOH PROGRAMS IN THE PHILIPPINES – Here is a full list of the offers of the Department of Health (DOH) to the public.

More commonly called DOH, the Department of Health is one of the government agencies that attends to the needs of thousands of people daily. They have established several programs to help meet the health and nutrition needs of the public.

DOH Programs in the Philippines
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DOH has programs for mental health, nutrition, the addressing of specific diseases, immunization or vaccination, baby care, and a lot more. Here is a full list of the DOH Programs in the Philippines:

  • Adolescent Health and Development Program
  • Aedes-Borne Viral Diseases Prevention and Control Program
  • Belly Gud for Health
  • Blood Donation Program
  • Cancer Control Program
  • Chronic-Kidney Disease Prevention and Control
  • Climate Change
  • Dengue Prevention and Control Program
  • Dental Health Program
  • Early Childhood Care Development Program
  • Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases Program
  • Environmental Health Program
  • Expanded Program on Immunization
  • Filariasis Elimination Program
  • Food and Waterborne Diseases Prevention and Control Program
  • Healthy and Productive Ageing Program
  • Infant and Young Child Feeding Program
  • Integrated Management of Childhood Illness Program
  • Leprosy Control Program
  • Malaria Control and Elimination Program
  • Mental Health Program
  • Micronutrient Supplementation Program
  • National Family Planning Program
  • National Leprosy Control Program
  • National Safe Motherhood Program
  • Newborn Hearing Screening Program
  • Newborn Screening Program
  • Occupational Health Program
  • Oral Health Program
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • Philippine Cancer Control Program
  • Philippine Medical Travel and Wellness Tourism Program
  • Philippine Organ Donation and Transplant Program
  • Prevention of Blindness Program
  • Rabies Prevention and Control Program
  • Safe Motherhood Program
  • Unang Yakap (Essential Newborn Care: Protocol for New Life)
  • Water Safety Program

This is an active list and we will continue to update it everytime the health department is launching a new program for the benefit of the public. More updates may be posted soon.

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