Cristine Reyes React To Negative Comments on ‘Maid in Malacañang’

Cristine Reyes received praises for her performance in ‘Maid in Malacañang’

Actress Cristine Reyes reacted to the negative comments from netizens on the Maid in Malacañang movie by director-writer Darryl Yap.

Cristine portrayed the character of Senator Imee Marcos in the movie about the last 72 hours of the Marcoses in the Palace. In a previous interview, the actress shared how she observed Sen. Imee during their first meeting.

cristine reyes
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Portraying the character of the eldest child of former President Ferdinand Marcos, Cristine stressed the importance of imitating the tiniest gesture as much as she can. This effort of Cristine Reyes paid off as the Senator said that she is indeed good to the point that it annoys her how the actress copied her gestures.

Just recently, the movie had its screening in Dubai. During an interview by Expat Media, Cristine was asked to read the comments that netizens shared online on the movie. There were positive feedback and words of praise for her because of her performance in the film.

cristine reyes
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However, two of the comments that she read attacked the movie. A netizen said that the movie is “cringe-worthy”. The said netizen left the theater after a few minutes. Despite the negative reaction from the netizen, Cristine said that she fully understands this kind of reaction.

“Lahat tayo may kani-kaniyang opinion at nirerespeto po kita,” the actress said to the netizen. Then, she said, “Ok next, let’s move on to that.” Another netizen shared a negative reaction to the movie and called it a “big joke.” The said social media user also stressed that MiM is just a “chismis.”

In the same video, Cristine Reyes shared that among the characters in the movie, said that she really can relate to Sen. Imee Marcos. It is because they are the same when it comes to making things right and being empathetic to other people.

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