Cristine Reyes Cried When Marital Affair Project Was Offered, Here’s Why

Cristine Reyes talked about this aspect of her showbiz career

Actress Cristine Reyes shared that she cried when a project about a marital affair was offered to her and this was the reason behind this.

Cristine has already spent several years in the entertainment industry and has established her name when it comes to acting. In a podcast of Liza Florida Eight Billion Project, based on the article in Bandera, the actress mentioned the career choice she had.

cristine reyes
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Cristine shared that she took a personal course about self-love in Los Angeles, California. She took this course because she did not know how to handle her anger and fears. “I took this course, and now I’ve realized that I have suppressed some emotions that I carried all throughout my life since I was six years old,” the actress said.

Through this course, Cristine Reyes said that she now knows how to open herself even though she still considers herself private. This endeavor of the actress also taught her to say “no” to the things she does not want to do.

The only thing that hinders me from loving my job is doing some roles that I myself am not comfortable (with), like movies that are advocating about affairs, and endorsing something, like a liquor, and you’re wearing, like, a two-piece. Like for me, I’m so tired. I don’t wanna do it anymore,” the actress said about the past roles she did.

Cristine Reyes
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Cristine said that this made her uncomfortable and she felt that she was losing her self-respect. She already made clear this but still, she received an offer to do a marital affair project from her “dream director”.

“I was shocked because I already voiced out my sentiments about doing those kinds of stuff and then here we go again. Oh my god, I cried. I was like, sobbing,” she said.

Despite having the hesitation that it might affect her career if she turned it down, the actress said that she chose to say “no”. Fortunately, the next day, she received offers to do three good projects.

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