Donnalyn Bartolome Explains ‘Kanto-Themed’ Party, Netizens React

Why did Donnalyn Bartolome have her “kanto-themed” birthday party?

Vlogger Donnalyn Bartolome explained why she did a “kanto-themed” birthday party which received mixed reactions from netizens.

Donnalyn now has more than 9 million subscribers on YouTube and her videos always reach millions of views. Just recently, she shared a video showcasing the birthday party that she did with her closest celebrity friends.

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They held the party on the street and wore clothes usually worn by those who were in “kanto.” It can be seen in the video that they really had a good time doing karaoke and dancing. Donnalyn also blew her candle on top of burnt rice as her cake.

This did not sit well with many netizens as they believe that this is “poverty [email protected]” There were also who think that it was inappropriate for her to do this because she is like mocking the poor and those who can’t afford to have an extravagant birthday party while some pointed out that she could just have a “normal” birthday party just like other people.

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In her Facebook post, Donnalyn Bartolome stressed that this is the most simple birthday party that she ever had but this is the happiest. “My Kanto Birthday Party is not just a concept,” she said, adding that this was how she lived when she first arrived in the Philippines after living a comfortable life abroad.

She believed that she has not reached her dream if she was still in a comfortable state. When she started working here in the country, it was not easy, but this adventure is one of the things she will never forget.

Her “kanto-themed” birthday party was her way of remembering her humble beginnings, just like the time when she was “walang-wala.” Despite this explanation, there were still netizens who insisted that she is romanticizing poverty.

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Here are some of the comments from netizens who shared their reaction to this on a popular showbiz site.

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