Undefined Terms In Geometry (ANSWER)

What are the three undefined terms in Geometry? Check out the answer below.

UNDEFINED TERMS IN GEOMETRY – Many terms in Geometry have been defined but there are three terms left undefined.

In Geometry, there are three terms that don’t have a definite definition, and the rest are defined. These defined terms include collinear points, coplanar points, parallel lines, perpendicular lines, angle, linear pair, angle bisector, segment bisector, and many others.

Undefined Terms In Geometry

Now, what are these three terms undefined in the Geometry subject?

These undefined terms are explained but it doesn’t have a formal meaning to them. But these three terms are actually foundations of other elements and theorems that are well-defined. But it does not make them less important or less concrete. They can be explained and shown through figures. They can be discussed virtually.

These three terms are point, line, and plane.

Check out the descriptions of these words:

POINTThis indicates a location or position but it has no actual size. It has no dimension, no width, no length, and no height or thickness. Usually, a point is labeled using capital letters and in a coordinate plane, they come in an ordered pair (x,y).
You can make a thin or thick dot but as stated, it has no standard or definite size.
LINEAssuming that this is a straight line, this also comes with no thickness. It can extend its length to one dimension and can infinitely stretch in both directions. It can come in an infinite length but no width and no height.
This is usually drawn with an arrowhead on both ends.
PLANEIt lays on a flat surface and can stretch out indefinitely in all directions. It has two dimensions but has no height or thickness. It is infinite in length and width.


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