Lorin Bektas Turns Emotional Over Yilmaz, Ilknaz’s Birthday Message For Her

See Lorin Bektas’ Emotional Reaction After Receiving Birthday Message From Yilmaz, Ilknaz Bektas

LORIN BEKTAS – Ruffa Gutierrez’s eldest daughter Lorin Bektas turned emotional over Yilmaz Bektas and Ilknaz Bektas’ birthday greeting.

Ruffa Gutierrez’s daughters Lorin Gabriella Bektas and Venice Bektas were reunited with their Turkish businessman father, Yilmaz Bektas last June. The reunion took three (3) years to plan since Ruffa and her ex-husband were unable to agree on an exact time for them to get together.

She said their phone conversations would invariably end in an argument. Ruffa previously stated that she had already forgiven Yilmaz for what he did to her in the past. Even though it has been years, if she still harbors resentment or hasn’t yet forgiven him, she most certainly won’t let her daughters travel to Istanbul.

Photo Source: @iloveruffag IG

Ruffa Gutierrez said she truly appreciates the reconnection. She would like for her girls to have the opportunity to have a father in their lives as they grow up.

The former beauty queen then revealed the reason why it took around 15 years for such a reunion to take place. She clarified that she did not forbid her daughters from speaking to their dad, but that it had taken so long due to her fear. She was particularly concerned about the security of her daughters.

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Photo Source: @ilknazlaurenart, @loringabriella IG

Lorin Bektas turned 19 years old today, August 3. Her mom penned a heartwarming message for her eldest daughter on her Instagram account. She said Lorin changed her life forever.

Aside from Ruffa, both Yilmaz and Ilknaz Bektas also greeted Lorin on IG. On the birthday girl’s IG account, she reposted her dad and half-sister’s birthday greetings.

Photo Source: @loringabriella IG

As seen on Lorin Bektas’ IG Story, Yilmaz Bektas uploaded some throwback photos he took with Lorin when she was still a child. He wrote, “Happy birthday, my little princess.”

Lorin responded and said, “Love you so much, baba.”

Photo Source: @loringabriella IG
Photo Source: @loringabriella IG

Meanwhile, Ilknaz Bektas shared a video clip of Lorin Bektas giving her a huge hug during their trip to Istanbul. It came with a caption, “I’m missing you more than words can say, on your very special day today. happy birthday, my dear little sister.”

Lorin turned emotional over her family’s greeting. She replied and said she was crying her eyes out. Lorin wrote, “I miss you so much it hurts,” “I’m crying my eyes out” and “Seni seviyorum,” Ilknaz responded in Tagalog and said, “Mas mahal kita.”

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