Albularyo Passes Away After Bitten by Dog 2 Months Ago

Albularyo Dies of Dog Bite After Refusing to Go to Hospital & Treat Himself

A witch doctor or locally known as ‘Albularyo’ in Sta. Catalina, Ilocos Sur has passed away after being bitten by a dog.

A 49-year-old ‘magtatandok’ or albularyo identified as Lorante Dela Cruz has died after being bitten by a dog two months ago. The latter got bitten by a dog last May 13, 2022, and start to suffer various signs and symptoms of rabies.

The folk healer tried to treat himself and applied various alternative medicines to his feet with the aim to cure the dog bite. The victim also refused to go to the hospital for proper treatment and medication.


Lorante’s situation gets worse due to infection, which leads to his untimely death two months after the incident.

Vigan City Health Officer Dr. Loida Ranches also elaborated the symptoms of rabies.

“Ang sintomas niyan takot sa tubig, takot sa hangin yung tao tapos hindi na alam ang nangyayari sa paligid niya, hindi na rin niya kilala sarili niya, at hindi na rin niya kilala yung mga tao sa paligid niya,” Ranches said.

The victim’s son Reggie Dela Cruz has also expressed his disappointment because no one claims ownership of the dog. Lorante’s remains have been already cremated.

The authorities have also advised dog bite victims to properly wash their wounds and visit animal bite treatment centers for an anti-rabies vaccine. The health officers also advised the public not to kill the dog during the 14-day observation period.


If the dog dies within the observation period, its head must be removed and submitted to the veterinary office for observation.

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