Mond Gutierrez Shares His Definition Of “Success”

Mond Gutierrez guested on ‘Toni Talks’

Showbiz personality Mond Gutierrez shared his definition of success in a recent Toni Talks episode of actress-host Toni Gonzaga.

Mond came from a prominent clan in the entertainment industry. He and his twin brother Richard Gutierrez started their career in showbiz when they were just three years old. Although they took a break when they went to the States to study when they were teenagers, they were still able to return to doing showbiz engagements.

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Aside from hosting, Mond is also a businessman and a PR manager, and he does events as well. When he was actively hosting shows on TV, he said that people might have perceived that he was successful already. “Even noong nasa GMA ako, I had so many shows.. so successful in the eyes of the people but internally, I did not feel successful,” Mond Gutierrez said.

For him, success is achieving a certain kind of inner happiness. Back then, he does not consider himself successful despite having several TV shows because he lacked inner peace. Now, Mond said that he can say that he is very successful.

Toni said that finding inner peace is a journey and she asked her guest how he reached the point where he is now. Mond said that it started with loving himself and being grateful for what he has. He also said that “doubters” will always be there but the number one key is believing in one’s self.

When asked how he is now filtering the opinions that matter to him and those that do not, Mond said that when he finally accepted and showed to the public who he really is, “nabawasan ang bashers.” He said that what he is seeing is all love and support from other people and he is thankful for this.

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