Ogie Diaz Source Reveals Victor Consunji’s Side Amid Issue w/ Maggie Wilson

Ogie Diaz talked about the issue between Victor Consunji and Maggie Wilson

Talent manager-vlogger Ogie Diaz shared what his source revealed about the side of the story of Victor Consunji amid his issue with Maggie Wilson.

These past few days, the issue between the estranged couple took a higher notch. Following the adultery case that Victor filed against Maggie and her rumored boyfriend Tim Connor, the former beauty revealed that men working for her estranged husband want to “padlock” the house where she lives.

maggie wilson victor consunji
📷: The Philippine Star

Maggie claimed that although it was owned by Victor’s company, she still has a contract that would allow her to stay there. However, the source of Ogie Diaz said that it was not a “conjugal” property and that Victor let Maggie stay there in order for her to have an accessible place whenever she wants to see their child.

Ipinaglaban umano ni Victor si Maggie noon para pakasalan,” Ogie shared what his source revealed. It was also said that Victor thought that Maggie will be his partner forever but he was wrong.

ogie diaz
📷: Abogado

The talent manager also said that he asked his source why the child is in Victor’s custody. He said that his source answered, “Oh, ikaw na sumagot Ogie, bakit ba na kay Victor ang bata?”

The source also said that it was still Victor who is paying the bills in the house where Maggie lives. Mama Loi asked why Victor wants Maggie out of the house when he was the one who let him stay there.

Ogie answered that maybe it is in line with the adultery case that Victor filed. It was said that every time Tim Connor would visit the Philippines, his always in that house. The source of Ogie Diaz stressed that Maggie Wilson has no “renta” or “kasulatan” to support her claim about the house.

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