Maggie Wilson Reveals Victor Consunji’s Supposed Effort To Control Press Releases

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Maggie Wilson shared another intriguing post talking about her battle against her estranged husband Celebrity Maggie Wilson revealed the effort that her estranged husband businessman Victor Consunji was doing in order to control press releases. Maggie is currently having her legal battle against Victor. The businessman filed an adultery case against the former beauty queen. … Read more

Maggie Wilson Shares Post About Woman Who Tested Positive

Maggie Wilson shared a cryptic post that caught the attention of netizens Model Maggie Wilson shared a post about a woman who tested positive but she stressed that it is not COVID. Maggie’s social media feeds have been catching the attention of many netizens since she announced her breakup with businessman Victor Consunji. The former … Read more

Maggie Wilson On Being Honest & Telling The Truth

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Maggie Wilson shared this realization Model and entrepreneur Maggie Wilson talked about being honest and telling the truth in her recent Instagram post. These past months, Maggie has become the topic of netizens or “marites” online. It is because of the issues she is facing with her estranged husband businessman Victor Consunji regarding the things … Read more

Victor Consunji Breaks Silence on Qualified Theft Complaints vs PR Exec

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Victor Consunji talked about his “trusted employee” who stole money from his company Wealthy businessman Victor Consunji breaks silence on the qualified theft complaints that his company filed against public relationship (PR) executive Lana Faith Johnson. Just recently, Victor’s estranged wife model-entrepreneur Maggie Wilson shared an “I told you so” post as she talked about … Read more

Maggie Wilson ‘Told You So’ Post About Person Stealing From Victor Consunji

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Maggie Wilson shared this post about a person who deceived her estranged husband Model-entrepreneur Maggie Wilson has this “I told you so” post about a person who stole from her estranged husband businessman Victor Consunji. Maggie and Victor’s breakup is quite controversial. After they announced that they are no longer together, more and more issues … Read more

Maggie Wilson Shares Photo w/ Tim Connor w/ This Hashtag

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Maggie Wilson and Tim Connor attended this event Model Maggie Wilson shared a photo with businessman Tim Connor and she included in her post this hashtag. These past few days, Maggie, Tim, and her estranged husband Victor Consunji became a hot topic on social media. It started when the former beauty queen shared a post … Read more

Tim Connor Answers Victor Consunji’s ‘Huge Cave’ Post

Tim Connor shared this post after the intriguing post that Victor Consunji British-Thai businessman Tim Connor answered the “huge cave” post that business tycoon Victor Consunji after model-entrepreneur Maggie Wilson‘s “small eggplant” post. Victor filed an adultery case against Maggie and her rumored boyfriend Tim. Maggie and Tim haven’t really confirmed the real score between … Read more

Victor Consunji Replies “Huge Cave” To Maggie’s “Small Eggplant” Post?

Maggie Wilson and Victor Consunji Issue

Is this the reply of Victor Consunji to this post of Maggie Wilson? VICTOR CONSUNJI – After announcing the split, Victor Consunji and Maggie Wilson’s relationship became messy. Former beauty queen Maggie Wilson and business tycoon Victor Consunji were formerly married. However, last year in September, the two of them issued a statement announcing their separation after … Read more