Erwan Heussaff Teaches Dahlia to not be a Picky-Eater, Here’s how

Here are some tips from Erwan Heussaff on how he teaches Dahlia to not be picky when it comes to food.

ERWAN HEUSSAFF – Cook and content creator Erwan Heussaff shares how he made Dahlia not be picky in eating.

Dahlia Amelie Heussaff is the daughter of Erwan Heussaff and Kapamilya actress Anne Curtis. Their little girl is now two years old and as seen in their social media posts, she is a combination of Anne and Erwan when it comes to personality.

She is a cook and the top assistant of her father when it comes to making her food and she is as well the tiny version of the “kikay” personality of the Kapamilya actress. But physically, she is the absolute tiny and female version of her Papa.

And in a recent interview, Erwan shared some tips on how he teaches Dahlia to eat everything prepared for her. Surely, Dahlia is one lucky girl to have a father who is a chef. It’s a sure thing she eats healthy and at the same time, delicious foods.

But how did Erwan make Dahlia eat everything including vegetables that most kids are afraid to eat?

Erwan articulately said that kids, like his daughter, are learning through their senses. He believes they also enjoy becoming a part of a process. And in cooking, all senses are working – sight, taste, touch, hear, and smell.

And incorporating learning and teaching Dahlia to appreciate food is done by him by involving her in the process. He said that kids take pride in things they have taken a part in.

He said, “If they’re part of this process, like chopping, steaming, boiling, searing, and cooking, all these sights and sounds are fun for them. I think they will be able to appreciate the flavor of the food that they’re eating whether they end up liking it or not.”

Heussaff stressed that it is important to teach Dahlia at a young age to the importance of food so she would appreciate it and not grow up wasting them.


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