Boy Abunda Talks About Five Kinds Of “Chismis”

Boy Abunda has this timely topic in his recent vlog

King of Talk Boy Abunda talked about five kinds of “chismis” or gossip in his recent video on his YouTube channel.

Boy, fondly called Tito Boy in the entertainment industry, has spent decades doing showbiz talk shows. He is one of the trusted interviewers who always get the answer that the public may want to know.

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However, in his many years in showbiz, Tito Boy also encountered a lot of chismis. This is what he talked about in his recent vlog. Boy Abunda said that he researched and asked some people before he did the video.

Tito Boy said that the first kind is the “invented story” and this is without any basis, with malice, and with the intention to destroy a person’s reputation. He also shared an example: Saying that a woman is pregnant but there is no truth to this.

The second kind of chismis is a true story but there are already added factors. Tito Boy said that with the intention to destroy a person’s reputation, one can add negative stories. On the other way around, there were times that the gossiper would add stories to make someone look good.

For the third kind of gossip, the seasoned TV host cited the exaggeration that some people would do and sometimes this would create “urban legends.” Another form of gossip is the one that comes out based on the interpretation of the person of what happened that was told to other people and became a discussion.

For the last kind of “chismis,” Boy Abunda mentioned that it can be an impression and sensory experience with malice. He also shared that gossipers would often say, “Alam mo naman ako, hindi ako mahilig sa chismis.”

Watch this vlog of Tito Boy to know his explanations.

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