Donnalyn Bartolome “Kubo Mansion” Vlog, Netizens React

Here’s the “Kubo mansion vlog tour” of Donnalyn Bartolome that caught netizens.

DONNALYN BARTOLOME – Singer vlogger Donnalyn Bartolome gives us a tour of a beautiful and huge property near the beach.

Among the most famous and most followed social media stars on YouTube and on various online platforms is Donnalyn Bartolome. Not only she is known for her fun and entertaining vlogs but also for her original songs. She also has this very bubbly and energetic character that made her really pleasing to watch.

And just recently, in her newest vlog, she gave us a “tour of her newly-built beach house” in a vlog. It was two years in the making and it has a very island summer vibe. The place is huge and complete with amenities. It is a beachfront property and according to her narrative, “she just moved in there”.

The whole “kubo” is made of “amakan” and bamboo – it basically made of wood. There’s an area for their billiard table and a tiny place for drinks.

But towards the end of the vlog, her viewers were caught off-guard by her revelation. It turned out that the whole thing of her narrative was just a prank she was just on a vacation and many netizens thought that the whole idea of her vlog is unique.

Watch the video below:

Here are some comments of the netizens:

This Kubo Mansion reveal is kind of unique.

you didn’t show us your house, you showed us a paradise!

Napaka unpredictable mo talaga! You’re so creative and full of surprises

I knew It!

Meanwhile, Donna hoped one day she can afford such property for herself one day. But for now, she needs to work harder and thrive more in order to make this dream of her come true. The property is actually a place where and her team went for a vacation. It is in Coral Blue Oriental Resort on Bantayan Island.


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