Zeinab Harake Joins Donnalyn Bartolome’s ‘Money Tub’ Challenge

Zeinab Harake, Mika Salamanca Joins Donnalyn Bartolome In ‘Money Tub’ Challenge

ZEINAB HARAKE – YouTube vloggers Zeinab Harake and Mika Salamanca joined Donnalyn Bartolome in the ‘Money Tub’ challenge.

Donnalyn Bartolome is an actress, singer, and rapper. She also became a Youtube vlogger and has 8.56 million subscribers already. She’s known in the country as the Social Media Goddess.

The 27-year-old celebrity is known to be friends of fellow Youtube stars including Jelai Andres, Zeinab Harake, and Mika Salamanca. Her vlog is known for its light-heartedness, sense of humor, and authenticity.

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Donnalyn Bartolome earned a lot of money due to her talent and hard work as a singer and Youtube vlogger. Every video she uploads, if not viral, it has had millions of views.

Last November, Donnalyn released her Pinoy version of Netflix’s hit “Squid Game” on her Youtube channel. She and her friends played the games featured in the tv series with a Pinoy twist.

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Photo Source: Youtube

On Monday, January 10, Donnalyn Bartolome uploaded a fun and thrilling new episode on her Youtube channel. She and some of her friends took on the “Money Tub Challenge” to welcome the New Year.

The challenge involves a blindfolded participant going into a bathtub filled with paper bills. He/she will then choose 2 paper bills that he/she can take home. The biggest paper bill in the tub is the $100 bill and the smallest the is P20 bill.

Youtube stars Zeinab and Mika Salamanca joined her in the challenge. Zeinab got a total of around P6K whole Mika got a total of P1K. One of the participants won P50K in the game.

Watch the video below:

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