Darryl Yap Blind Item In His ‘History Is Like Chismis’ Series

Netizens reacted to this blind item of Darryl Yap

Director-writer Darryl Yap had a blind item before the ending of episode one of his new “History Is Like Chismis” series and this received intriguing reactions from netizens.

The said series was apparently prompted by the viral statement of actress Ella Cruz during an interview about the movie Maid In Malacanang in which she plays the character of Irene Marcos.

darryl yap
📷: Darryl.Yap Facebook

Because Ella likened history to chismis, she received criticisms even from her fellow celebrities. Following her viral statement, a new series on social media sites of Vincentiments came to life.

For the first episode of “History Is Like Chismis,” Ella Cruz asked Senator Imee Marcos if what she said was wrong. The sister of President Bongbong Marcos said, “History is tsismis with methodology, analysis, and proof.” They even mentioned quotes from famous writers who likened history to gossip.

Towards the end of the video, Direk Darryl Yap was dictating the next line for Ella. “Ella, artistang naghahanap ng mapapangasawang foreigner para makaahon, ang ending siya ang bumuhay sa foreigner,” the director-writer said. Ella and Senator Imee laughed at this.

ella cruz imee marcos
📷: Vincentiments FB Page

The actress said, “G*go ka! Ayoko! Ayaw!” Then, Direk Darryl asked Ella who the subject of the blind item is. The actress answered but it was “bleeped.”

In the comment section of Vincentiments Facebook Page, netizens shared their intriguing comments. There were those who are amused by the blind item while some even mentioned the name of Kapuso comedienne Pokwang.

Social media personality Senyora also commented on this with, “Hiwalay na raw.” Just recently, Pokwang confirmed her breakup with Lee O’Brian. The comedienne was one of the celebrities who slammed the statement of Ella Cruz.

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