Ella Cruz Saying “History Is Like Tsismis” Lambasted Online

Netizens react to the statement of Ella Cruz about history.

ELLA CRUZ – This is how netizens reacted to the “History is like tsismis” statement of Ella Cruz and here are some comments online.

“Maid in Malacañang” is an upcoming film about the Marcos family. The film is spearheaded by Boss Vic del Rosario of Viva Films and approved by Senator Imee Marcos. Eliza Romualdez-Valtos, the family’s archaeologist and historian is the consultant and researcher so the film could depict the accurate happenings in Malacanang during the last three days of the family in 1986.


Here are the casts:

And for Ella, being born post-1986, the actress said something that caught the attention of many people online. She’s aware of how history was tackled in school and now, playing this role, made her open to hearing the other side of it through this film.

Here’s her statement:

“History is like tsismis. It is filtered and dagdag na rin, so, hindi natin alam what is the real history. Andoon na iyong idea, pero may mga bias talaga. As long as we’re here alive at may kanya-kanyang opinion, I respect everyone’s opinion.”

She did not specify the part in history she was referring to but if she’s talking about history in general, were those events that led us to the democracy we have now just “tsismis”?

Such a statement gained some comments from netizens objecting her remarks.

Check out below:

It happened. It’s real.

People died, were tortured and you think their sufferings are tsismis?

…we do not go to our campus or museum just to flock and talk about “chismis”

So this means that historians, academicians, and researchers who devoted most of their life in studying and understanding the history are just a bunch of gossipmongers?


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