Ella Cruz answered a basher who criticized her father

Actress Ella Cruz shared a post about the recent criticisms that she received due to her “history is like chismis” remark.

Ella is one of the cast members of the Viva Film movie Maid in Malacañang and when she was asked about what she learned from doing this film, her statement went controversial.

Ella Cruz
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She was attacked by the critics of the Marcos family. Ella was even lectured by historians and her fellow celebrities because of what she said. On the other hand, there were also those who defended her, like veteran showbiz writer Cristy Fermin.

In her recent Facebook post, Ella Cruz answered a basher. She shared a screenshot of a netizen’s post criticizing her. However, the criticism was concentrated on the actress’s father.

With this, Ella addressed the basher and anyone who is criticizing her. “Bash me all you want pero wag niyong idadamay pamilya ko. Have a little humanity, please,” she said. This post of Ella once again received polarizing reactions from netizens. There were those who bashed her again while there were also those who showed support for her.

Prior to this post of Ella Cruz, she shared the movie teaser of Maid in Malacañang that was posted on the Facebook Page of Vincentiments.

The said movie, that will be released on August 3 in cinemas worlwide, will show the last 72 hours of the Marcos family in the Malacañang Palace.

It is written and directed by Darryl Yap. In a previous interview, the controversial director revealed that the movie is the amalgamation of his conversation with Senator Imee Marcos. In the movie, Ella plays the role of Irene Marcos.

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