Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla Have Issue With Julia Barretto?

What is wrong between KathNiel, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, and actress Julia Barretto? Ogie Diaz shares something.

KATHRYN BERNARDO – Ogie Diaz shares something about KathNiel’s alleged rocky relationship with their friends in Nguya Squad.

Is Julia Barretto the reason why Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla did not attend the weddings of their two closest friends?


In a previous article, rumors and speculations were circulating online about Kathryn and her friends in Nguya Squad having a tough time. Is their friendship rocky? What is the reason? Why did Kath delete her one vlog that featured all her girl friends in their squad?

Nguya Squad is a showbiz clique where KathNiel is a part of long with other personlities such as Ria Atayde, Marco Gumabao, Khalil Ramos, Gabbi Garcia, Patrick Sugui, Aeriel Garcia, Joe Vargas, and Bianca Yanga. Their group grew and Joshua Garcia was even once spotted spending time with them.


Just recently, two pairs from the group got married and in both events, KathNiel was absent, which brought confusion to some people who knew how close the two were to these now-married couples. When Pat and Ae tied the knot, it has been reported that KathNiel was at work and was not given permission to attend their wedding.

When Joe and Bianca got married, Kath and DJ were again not present and this time, the reason was DJ’s sickness. And in both events, Julia was present. At the wedding of Joe and Bianca, she was even with her boyfriend Gerald Anderson who is close with the groom.


And in the recent vlog of Ogie Diaz with Mama Loi, the latter revealed something. Mama Loi shared a message he received from someone who said that it must be because of Barretto. The message explained that Julia was already friends with the Nguya Squad members way before this group has been created which explains her presence at both weddings.

Diaz, who took the liberty to be fair and open, expressed that they should just let these involved celebrities speak at the right time if they would want to. Mama Ogs even added that all of these are just mere speculation because the truth should come from the involved parties.

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