Tom Rodriguez February ‘The Worst Man’ Post Resurfaces

Was this a sign from Tom Rodriguez that he was having marital problems with Carla Abellana?

The post of actor Tom Rodriguez last February about “The Worst Man” resurfaced after he and Carla Abellana confirmed their breakup.

For several months, many showbiz fans have been wondering about the real status of Tom and Carla’s relationship. Rumors circulated that their marriage was on the rocks and several alleged reasons also surfaced.

Among the alleged reasons that circulated were third party issue, money matters, and Tom’s alleged gender preference.

Just recently, Carla Abellana broke her silence. She said that she was betrayed, lied to, and made to look stupid. The actress also said that Tom made her feel the agonizing pain over and over again.

Following this, Tom Rodriguez has spoken also. He clarified that there was no physical abuse and that Carla already gave up on their marriage.

GMA-7 released a statement saying that this breakup news saddened their home network. Many fans also sympathize with Tom and Carla for what happened to their relationship.

Back in February, it appeared that the actor was already foreshadowing the ending of his marriage with the actress. At that time, Tom Rodriguez shared a post about The Worst Man which he made it look like from a comics.

In his post, the actor said that The Worst Man would make people trust him but eventually, it was revealed that this was his trick to boost himself.

Celebrity friends of Tom who appeared to know about the real story behind his post wrote intriguing comments on his post. In another post, he said that The Worst Man destroyed the relationship of the people he calls friends. The actor said that this is the superpower of The Worst Man.

Tom Rodriguez post

Was this the start of the doomed marriage of Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana?

What can you say about this?

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