Ogie Diaz, BB Gandanghari Met In U.S. & This Is What Happened

Ogie Diaz had the chance to meet BB Gandanghari in the States

Comedian-talent manager Ogie Diaz and U.S.-based Pinay celebrity BB Gandanghari met in the States just recently and this is what happened.

It would be recalled that Ogie and BB exchanged fiery words against each other through their vlogs. Their “patutsadahan” even reached the point that BB said Ogie has “zero credibility.”

ogie diaz
📷: @ogie_diaz IG

In a recent Showbiz Update vlog of Ogie, he shared that through a common friends, he met with BB and they talked for almost two hours. The comedian-talent manager said that they hugged each other when they met. “Nung magkita kami, nagyakapan kami. Wala nang ano. Walang sorry, walang ano. Yakapan,” Ogie Diaz shared.

bb gandanghari
📷: @gandangharibb IG

He also shared the BB Gandanghari was touched by his effort to really meet her while he is in the States. “Sabi ko, ‘Hoy, ha, ako ano mo, tinitira mo ako,’ sabi ko sa kanya. ‘Ikaw, ano, ha, di naman kita tinitira.’ ‘Anong hindi, kinokontra mo nga lahat ng sinasabi ko.’ Sabi ko, ‘Kinokontra kita, pero hindi kita sinisiraan,’” Ogie shared the conversation that they had that was filled with laughter.

ogie diaz bb gandanghari
📷: Ogie Diaz YT channel

Then, the comedian-talent manager shared that BB is planning to go back to the Philippines but she wants to assure that she will have work here. With this, Ogie volunteered to find projects for BB. “Ako magiging ahente niya o agent niya dito, o di ba?” the comedian-talent manager said.

Ogie even shared that he can manage BB but there is no contract yet and if there is a final project, then, that is the time they will sign a contract together. The talent manager also shared that BB Gandanghari is so happy for her brother Senator-elect Robin Padilla. The transwoman celebrity also expressed gratitude to Ogie Diaz for helping her brother’s candidacy.

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