Counterpart of Laylayan ng Lipunan in English & Sample Sentences

LAYLAYAN NG LIPUNAN IN ENGLISH – Are you looking for the English translation of the term “laylayan ng lipunan”? Here’s its English counterpart.

Undeniably, a lot of people are doubtful when it comes to the translations of certain Tagalog words in English. In this article, we will review the meaning of the term “laylayan ng lipunan”. We will also discover its counterpart in the English language.

Laylayan ng Lipunan in English

What is “laylayan ng lipunan”?

Laylayan ng lipunan is a Tagalog term or phrase that became more popular during the recent campaign period for the Elections 2022 but there are some confusion regarding what it really means. It refers to the part of the economy that is not usually reached by the government’s activities. People in these sectors include the farmers, fisherfolks, jeepney drivers, and workers in other rural areas.

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 What is “laylayan ng lipunan” in English?

After knowing about the exact meaning of the word, surely many of us want to know not only the English translation of the word laylayan ng lipunan but also some examples of sentences using it.

Laylayan ng Lipunan in English = Marginalized Sector

Mga halimbawa ng mga pangungusap na gumagamit ng salitang laylayan ng lipunan:

1. Nais ni Gregorio na matulungan ang mga tao na nasa laylayan ng lipunan sa kanilang lugar kaya tatakbo siya sa pagka-alkalde.

2. Tinanong mo ba si Gng. Mendoza kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng laylayan sa lipunan?

3. Ang ilan sa mga unang tinulungan ni Cris nang siya ay manalo bilang konsehal ay ang mga tao na nasa laylayan ng lipunan.

4. Sa tingin mo ba ano ang pwede nating maitulong sa mga tao na nasa laylayan ng lipunan?

5. Maraming nasa laylayan ng lipunan ang nagnanais na mabigyan ng tulong ngayong pandemya.

Examples of sentences using the term marginalized sector:

1. Both of Jimmy’s parents are in the marginalized sector thus he works to help them earn money.

2. Do you think Artur will consider opening the hiring for individuals who are in the marginalized sector?

3. The way the marginalized sector progressed under his term showed how compassionate he is as a leader.

4. Lance knows his late wife would love to help the people who are in the marginalized sector so he built a foundation that will help them.

5. Did Erica mention about the beneficiaries of the non-government organization’s program who are in the marginalized sector?

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