After receiving a couple of gifts from Sharon Cuneta, Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez is preparing this very special one.

SHARON CUNETA – Iconic singer Regine Velasquez is preparing something special for Megastar Sharon Cuneta.

Last 2018, Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez received a pricey gift from Megastar Sharon Cuneta. It’s a ring that had been with Sharon for a decade already when she gave it to her. According to a previous article, the ring is worth nearly a million pesos. It is a ring “made up of more than 8 carats of very good quality diamonds and set in 18 karats white gold.”

And this year, she received again another ring from the Megastar. It’s sparkly and it surely costs no less than a six-digit price. The Megastar is especially very generous to people close to her heart. When she gives something away, it seems like the price doesn’t matter anymore because she just really wants to. She sees the person is deserving of what she will give to them.

Now, as a give back to the Megastar’s kindness and thoughtfulness, Regine prepared something very special for her. It is not as expensive as her gifts but the effort and the thought behind it is more than valuable than those material things.

The Songbird prepared a scrapbook for her, something that she’s planned for a long time now. It is something that the Megastar can accordingly use whenever she feels sad or heavy. At the time of the video, she was already two pages away from finishing it, and Cuneta, appreciative as always, was touched and felt love because of it.

“My Nana always makes me feel so loved. I am so touched by this. I have been so very sad these past few weeks…I am physically, emotionally and mentally tired…Just drained. I thank God for friends who light my life up even during my darkest moments,” she said.


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