Rude Court Clerk Shouted At MMDA Personnel After Towing Her Car Over Illegal Parking

Rude Court Clerk Shouted At MMDA Personnel

A rude court clerk shouted and insulted at MMDA crew and personnel after towing her car over illegal parking along Agham Road.

Traffic rules and regulations were set to be followed by the motorists to avoid further accidents and casualties. This law was imposed for the safety of everyone along the road. Violation of this law has corresponding sanctions and penalties for those who will be caught.

A Facebook user named Edison Bong Nebrija has shared a post stating how a clerk of court illegally parked her vehicle and ignored the authorities along Agham Road. The guards have already advised her that the road is a tow away zone, but she chooses to ignore them and parked her car.

Rude Court Clerk

The Metro Mania Development Authority (MMDA) clamped the vehicle of the rude court clerk. When they were about to tow it away, the court clerk came and Edison asked her to cooperate with them, but the clerk just insulted him.

Edison gave a signal to his colleague to tow the vehicle away and they start to tow the car. The clerk shouted at Edison and expressed her disappointment. The MMDA personnel walked away to avoid tension with the clerk.

Here is the full story posted by Edison Bong Nebrija:

“Meanwhile at the Ombudsman….

A clerk of court parked her car along Agham Road and she’s been advised by the guards that the road is a tow away zone, but she did not mind them and parked anyways.

So we clamped her car and was about to tow it away when she came. So I politely asked her to please cooperate to the point of begging her, “Mam please maawa naman po kayo sa amin marami pa kaming taskings.” She rudely replied “Bakit ako maaawa sa inyo!”….so I gave the go signal to tow her vehicle away.

Then she shouted at me, “Pambihira kayo di kayo mapakiusapan hindi man lamang kayo maawa sa akin.”

I walked away to deescalate the situation because I was already tempted to give her a dose of her own medicine, “Bakit ako maawa sa inyo!”


Edison’s post garnered 14k reactions, 2, 841 shares, and 208 comments as of this writing.

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  1. Court clerk pa lang abusado na, what more pag tumaas pa ang ranggo nyan. Buti nga sa iyo.Dun sa MMDA officers, great jod, keep it up. God bless sana tularan at dumami pa ang gaya ninyong tapat at marunong magpatupad ng batas.


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