Toni Gonzaga Being Castigated Online, Paul Soriano Shared This

This is what Paul Soriano shared amid the backlash against his wife Toni Gonzaga for supporting a dictator’s son.

TONI GONZAGA – Famous host Toni Gonzaga openly endorses the Uniteam and amid the bashing, Paul Soriano shared this post.

Well-known multi-awarded host Toni Gonzaga and her husband Paul Soriano created a loud buzz months ago after they expressed their support for presidential aspirant Bongbong Marcos and vice-presidential aspirant Sara Duterte. Toni hosted the proclamation rally of the dictator’s son who is now seeking to sit on the highest position in the country while Soriano directed his political ad.

Both are unbothered and continued their ways of supporting the Uniteam. Many got dismayed and were disappointed because it seems like they are also unbothered by the 70,000 detained, 34,000 tortured and 3,240 killed during martial law under the leadership of BBM’s father as a dictator.

And now, amid the backlash and being intensely castigated online, Soriano shared something on his Twitter, a screenshot about his wife being praised for her stance despite the massive bashing. In the post he shared, it was said there that despite being castigated by people, Toni remained quiet and peaceful in endorsing her presidential bet. She did not speak anything bad about anyone.

She was also praised because she never fought back and “remained free from resentfulness or vindictiveness”.

It was also added, “She has done nothing to deserve the enmity hurled against her. I salute her for being magnanimous and gracious in the midst of much antagonism.”

Paul Soriano

Right after endorsing BBM, Toni resigned from his job as the main host of a reality show.


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