Willie Ricablanca Jr’s Platforms & Accomplishments | May 2022 Elections

Willie Ricablanca Jr’s Platforms If He Wins Senator & Accomplishments

WILLIE RICABLANCA JR’S PLATFORMS – Here are the accomplishments of Partido Maharlika senatorial bet Willie Ricablanca Jr. and his plans if he wins. the May 2022 Election.

The 2022 Elections are set on May 9, 2022. There are 10 candidates for president, nine candidates for vice president, and 64 senatorial bets. However, recently, one candidate has decided to drop his bid.

Some of the senatorial candidates are popular individuals in politics who are incumbent government officials or have held public posts before while others are from other fields. One of the latter is Willie Ricablanca Jr.

Willie Ricablanca Jr's Platforms
Photo Credit: The Manila Times

Personal Background:

Willie Magbutay Ricablanca Jr. was born on October 19, 1971 in Sampaloc, Manila. He had his Doctor of Pastoral Studies at the Far East of Advent School of Theology in 2009.

Ricablanca is currently the chairman of Partido Maharlika, the president and chairman emeritus of Pastors Association for the Restoration and Transformation, the founding chairman and overseer of the Community Force Multipliers for Peace Inc., and the chief monitoring officer of the Civilian Intelligence Network.


In the private sector, Willie Ricablanca Jr. is the founding chairman of the multi-sectoral group CFMPI, one of the two (2) advocacy groups he founded. The CFMPI is an advocate for social reforms, genuine change, and people empowerment. He also leads various groups that provide relief operations, support services, and conduct feeding programs for senior citizens.

In 2019, Ricablanca was the organizer of a program against drugs on behalf of PARTI. He is a licensed minister affiliated with the Bethel International Community Christian Church.

Willie Ricablance Jr.’s Platforms:

  • supports the protection of the rights of the indigenous cultural communities, people, and other minorities
  • supports the mandatory delivery of benefits and privileges to senior citizens
  • supports free education to children of solo parents
  • supports the delivery of funds allocated to persons with disability
  • recognizes the advocacies of NGOs by supporting them to augment their funds
  • recognizes the advocacies of pastors and ministers who assist those who are in need
  • boost the transportation sector

Political Party:

  • Partido Maharlika

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