Vegetable Entrepreneur Arrested in Manila Over Agri-Smuggling Charges

Authorities Arrest Vegetable Entrepreneur Arrested in Manila Over Agri-Smuggling Charges

A lady vegetable entrepreneur identified as Divina Aguilar has been arrested in Pandacan, Manila over agri-smuggling charges.

Smuggling is an act of illegal transportation of various objects, substances, information, or people, such as out of a house or building, into a prison, or across an international border, in violation of applicable laws or other regulations.

The Philippine government and the authorities are implementing stricter rules and regulations to prevent smuggling. Individuals involved in smuggling will be subject to corresponding sanctions and penalties.

Vegetable Entrepreneur

Numerous Filipino vendors were already complaining about smuggled goods, which affect the local crop. Most consumers prefer imported goods, which were quite affordable compared to the local ones.

The police arrested the businesswoman Divina Aguilar for smuggling vegetable products and crops from China. The suspect’s container van from China has been discovered by the authorities way back in 2020.

Aguilar declared that the container van contains Ukay-Ukay (used clothing) but it actually contains smuggled carrots amounting to P1 million. The female suspect refused to give a statement regarding the incident.

The lady entrepreneur told the police officers that she was not responsible for importing the carrots. A certain broker allegedly used the name of her business to perform the illegal transaction.

Vegetable Entrepreneur

The online community lambasted the businesswoman for her illegal activity:

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