Mariel Padilla on Story Behind Robin Padilla’s ‘Galit na galit’ Reaction

Mariel Padilla and Robin Padilla had this “matinding away”

Celebrity vlogger Mariel Padilla shared the story behind the “galit na galit” reaction of her husband senatorial candidate Robin Padilla.

In a recent interview on comedian-talent manager Ogie Diaz’s YouTube channel, Mariel shared that jealousy is not an issue anymore between her and Robin. She said that during their early years, this might cause a fight but now, not anymore.

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📷: Manila Bulletin

On the other hand, the celebrity vlogger shared that their most recent fight was caused by the attempt of someone to donate money for Robin’s candidacy.

Mariel Padilla shared that there was someone who is a “super friend to the max” of her husband who wanted to send money and so she gave the account of her business Cooking Ina.

Galit na galit na galit na galit sa akin si Robin,” Mariel said adding that her husband did not go out of the room and did not eat because he was so angry.

mariel padilla
📷: Ogie Diaz YT Channel

Then, she said that it was because she gave an account number. However, Mariel said that the money transfer did not happen because her husband was able to intercept it. Robin was so angry that Mariel said he had his “hunger strike”. She said that she thought that this will not be an issue for Robin because it was his friend.

However, the senatorial candidate said that this could be an issue in the future. “Ang imagination ni Robin, na uupo ako doon sa harap ng mga senado, tapos kakausapin ako daw ako, sasabihin ‘bakit daw ako tumanggap ng ganun,” Mariel shared.

Apparently, Robin does not want that time will come his wife will be involved in a possible controversy regarding money or funds. From that moment, Mariel Padilla said that she stopped entertaining people who would also want to transfer money for her husband.

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