Bird Collector Sells Collection to Support Dad’s Medication

Bird Collector Named Charlon Reyes Sells His Collection to Pay Dad’s Hospital Bills

A 21-year-old bird collector started to sell his collection to support the medication of his father who suffered stroke last week.

Over the past few years, the coronavirus pandemic severely affects the physical health, mental health and even the livelihood of the Filipino people. The health crisis affects millions of people all around the world.

Several individuals have started to make their own strategy to earn a living while some citizens come up with different methods on how ease stress amid lockdown restrictions due to the health crisis.

Bird Collector

A young man named Charlon Reyes has started to collect various types of birds such as parakeet, budgie, African lovebirds and opaline. He considers his collection as stress reliever and keeps P500 from his salary to feed his pets.

The young student is attending his classes during daytime and works as a warehouse staff of an online shopping store “Lazada” during nighttime.

Unfortunately, Charlon’s dad suffered from sudden stroke last weekend prompting him to sell his bird collection to support its medication. The latter reveled this father’s hospital bills have already reached P200, 000.

“Nagtatrabaho ako sa Lazada bilang warehouse staff at ang ginagawa ko sa umaga nag-aaral ako at sa gabi nagtatrabaho ako, around P200, 000- yung bill ni papa nung pangalawang araw namin and yung sakit niya biglaan na lang po,” Reyes said.

Bird Collector

Currently, the bird collector’s father is in critical condition and their hospital bill continue to increase. He also sought help from kind-hearted netizens to buy his collections.

Individuals who wanted to help Reyes can contact Luz Reyes at 09272043638 or Cathyrine Reyes at 09175024096.

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