Delivery Riders Caught Heartless Scammer Victimizing Delivery Workers

Video of Delivery Riders Who Captured Heartless Scammer Victimizing Delivery Employees Earns Reactions Online

HEARTLESS SCAMMER – Raging delivery rider have caught the heartless scammer victimizing delivery workers with his scheme.

Over the past few years, a lot of delivery riders are expressing their frustrations after victimized by fake bookings and order cancelations. Riders usually earn nothing and lost cash whenever customers would cancel their orders.

Riders are allowed to initially pay for the orders and would be eventually reimbursed by the customers during the delivery. Many delivery workers fail to recover their capital due to fake bookings.

Delivery Riders

However, the companies still fail to resolve the issue of fake booking and order cancellation, which contributes to the burden and struggles of delivery riders. There are also some culprits who were scamming delivery riders just to earn money.

The Facebook page “Jess dagz Support” has shared the video footage of a heartless scammer who has been caught victimizing delivery workers. The video garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the video, it can be seen that the scammer is sitting on the ground while being held by the delivery riders. The culprit repeatedly apologized to the delivery employees for his wrongdoings but failed to return the money of other riders.

Based on the video, the suspect is requiring the riders to pay the item first before delivering it to the drop off location. However, there is no recipient at the drop off location, which is obviously fake.

The parcel contains no item and the suspect just aim to steal money for the poor delivery workers. Several workers also expressed their rage and fury towards the scammer for doing such thing.

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Delivery Riders

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