Slater Young Had To Close Glass Skypod For 2 Weeks, Here’s Why

Slater Young Reveals Why They Had To Close Glass Skypod For 2 Weeks

SLATER YOUNG – Former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Slater Young shared why they had to close their glass Skypod.

Model-entrepreneur Slater Young is known to many as the 2012 winner of Kapamilya’s reality show Pinoy Big Brother (PBB). He married blogger Kryz Uy in Cebu in Feb. 2019. Last November, they announced that they are expecting their second child.

The celebrity couple lives in a glass-paneled luxury cabin they called “The Skypod.” Their home has been pegged as a “dream home” by fans.

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Slater Young and Kryz Uy’s Skypod almost got wrecked by super typhoon Odette. Last January, they released a vlog reacting to the CCTV footage that captured their house during the onslaught of the deadly typhoon.

In Slater’s latest Youtube vlog, he shared updates about their home. He said they had to close their house and showed it being sealed with a giant plastic covering.

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Photo Source: Youtube

Slater Young said they have to close it temporarily because the typhoon left some damage on their roof. He said they are also doing some steps to make it more durable during the next typhoon.

It’s very, very hot here inside [the house]. There is no air coming in but we are doing this for a very, very good reason. So this whole situation here was born out of one thing and that is we want to be as safe as we can be during the next typhoon and all of these, these coverings are because we are going to do something to our whole roof area,” he said.

Photo Source: Youtube

The 34-year-old celebrity also said that they will fix the sound that comes from their roof whenever it is raining. He said they decided to spray it with polyurethane foam. He said that it will take 2 weeks to finish covering their roof with the foam.

“With this being the same type of foams that we use in our refrigerators, this is going to make our house a lot cooler and this also addresses all my little problems when it comes to typhoons and rain. So ‘yung mga seams ng roofing natin naka-covered na siya and nase-seal na siya ng maayos. This is one one inch thick na foam so it helps make the roof act as one piece plus it seals everything off so less chances for leaking. And lastly if ever it rains, muffled na ‘yung tunog ng ulan and it’s not like before na it [sounds] like metal sheet,” he shared.

Watch the video below:

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