Slater Young & Kryz React On CCTV Records Of Skypod During Typhoon

CCTV recordings of how Skypod got almost wrecked by Odette. Slater Young & Kryz Uy make a reaction video.

SLATER YOUNG – Famous couple Slater Young and Kryz Uy react to the CCTV footages that captured their house during the onslaught of Typhoon Odette.

Typhoon Odette has totally wiped out Siargao leaving houses and establishments in the absolute wreck. As of this posting, people there are still suffering the aftermaths of the typhoon and many people there are still in need of basic necessities such as food, water, and others. Also, there is still no electricity yet on the island.

And although not as wrecked as Siargao, Cebu also suffered severe damages. Cebu-based couple Slater Young and Kryz Uy give updates about the happenings there and as of this moment, they haven’t gotten back the electricity supply yet.

In a recent vlog of Slater, he discussed the damages of the typhoon and how it damaged their Skypod. They made a reaction video to the footage they collected of the house during the onslaught of the typhoon. Based on their vlog, their house, despite not being wiped out and spared of being destroyed, still suffered major damages such as ruined roofings, numerous leaks, and others.

In the recordings, they both have this shock reaction after seeing how the strong winds shook their glass walls and how the heavy downpour created storm surges and waves in their pool. They also saw how the typhoon wiped out the trees at the back of their house and a part of their glass wall got bent due to the very strong wind.

Kryz, all throughout that day of the typhoon was having anxiety and everything while Slater was accordingly just chill. He just never expected the typhoon to be that big and when he saw how the walls of their house he built got shaken, that’s when he knew Odette is not just your ordinary storm.

At the end of the video, they considered themselves lucky because they didn’t lose it or had its structure severely broken. They also have a realization and that is apart from investing in the aesthetics of their house, they would also invest in the durability and functionality that would keep them safe at times like this.

Watch the full video below:

Check out the reactions:

I really like that Slater includes Kryz on most of his videos. Especially with the commentary ones.

Don’t know why but I felt like the trees were alive. Like they’re in a panic too

Same here. I am thinking to invest on off-grid solar power system.

Im so impressed with how Slater made the skypod. Talagang tested ng bagyo

That is why, I wanted a boxyhouse so that it is strong…but syempre with God protection kasi di parin natin masabi kahit na super tibay

This is the proof that in our country, we must have a quality build houses. Sana all maganda and matibay ang bahay. 😊


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