Bongbong Marcos & Kris Aquino ‘Nagkabati Noon’, Lolit Solis Shares This

Lolit Solis wrote this about Bongbong Marcos and Kris Aquino

In the past, former presidential son Bongbong Marcos and former presidential daughter Kris Aquino “nagkabati”, veteran showbiz writer Lolit Solis said.

Part of the Philippines’ political history features two opposing clans – the Marcoses and the Aquinos. For many years, supporters from both camps have been attacking the opposing side and the cycle continues up to this day.

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However, Lolit said in her recent writeup in Pilipino Star Ngayon, there was a time when a child from the Marcos clan and a child from the Aquino clan had a sort of reconciliation.

The veteran showbiz writer recalled this past incident between Bongbong Marcos and Kris Aquino because of the recent bashing that the latter received because of her request to netizens not to use red heart emoji, instead, she want them to comment with yellow or pink heart emoji.

Naawa naman ako sa bashing na tinanggap ng request ni Kris Aquino na ga­wing kulay dilaw ang puso ng pagbati sa kanya instead of red. Wala naman sigurong malisya iyon, pero dahil red ang color ng Bongbong Marcos camp, doon naglagay ng malisya,” Lolit Solis said.

Because of this, the columnist said that she recalled the time when Kris and Bongbong accidentally met at a TV network. “Buhay pa si Tita Cory Aquino noon pero nagawa kong pagbatiin sina Bongbong at Kris nang magkita sa TV station,” Lolit shared adding that it became a big news and the late President Cory Aquino was shocked when the news about this circulated.

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To recall, Kris Aquino interviewed Bongbong Marcos years ago. Videos of this can be accessed on YouTube. On the other hand, Lolit stressed that perhaps Kris did not mean anything negative when she said that she prefers the yellow and pink heart emojis.  

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